What Are The Destiny Cards All About?

The original science of Destiny Cards is thousands of years old and comes from the common 52 playing cards.

Each birth date of a person is assigned one of the 52 cards called your birth card.
There is a different meaning of each card, once your birth card is identified
you will have two to three other cards to see where you are at on your life path.
The insight from the cards are very detailed and truly Remarkable!

This is an excellent aid for your life in knowing how to maneuver from this point on in your life!

The Wonderful Benefits is that you can see in advance for your rightful choices for your life.
This system is very close to Astrology but has it own depth of understanding which myself and clients have come to respect.

I use the combination of Destiny Cards and Astrology for greater insight into your life!

The predictions about your future are amazingly accurate including:

• What is your Purpose in Life?​

 • When Will you Have the Millionaire’s Card?

• When will you reach the pinnacle of success in your career?
• When is a good time to change your career?
• What are good choices for a career?

• When will you meet someone new or to know
if the person you are with is a Divine Match for you?​


• When should you expand your business and when should you stay in a hold position?

• Which people will be beneficial to you in the coming year?
• When business partnerships are good for one another?

• When is it a good time to buy a new home/property?

• When is it a Good Time to Travel?


You will be able to know in advance what will happen in all areas of love,

family, work, finance, health, legal matters, travel and your spiritual life and so much more !




John Fabritsio


John Fabritsio is an artist by nature as well as a seeker of knowledge. 
As he evolved on his own journey, he has become a
Destiny Card Reader, Astrologer and Spiritual Researcher.
He feels that it is a Divine Trine and truly benificial into one's life!

John spends his days counseling many people across the world giving them clear insights as there are so many choices each one of must make and it good to have a guide to see ahead to give good counsel, direction for maximum insight!

John has been enriching lives and guiding others 
through his time tested knowledge and this can assist you in changing your life for the better.

John is fortunate in attracting some of the world’s greatest Spiritual Teachers to assist him through countless
years spent developing his knowledge. He spent his training in US and abroad with the
Cards of Destiny, as well with Astrological teachers 
that enhance insight and clarity into ones life path that is past on in personal readings.

John is committed in his mission into sharing the amazing

Ancient Science of Destiny Cards, Astrology and the Spiritual Principles To Life.

John Believes That One Can "Achieve Great Success" Through Seeing Your Road Ahead! 

What lies ahead for your Journey ?

"Great Results for Great Choices Being Made"

Come see what The Future has for You

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an online reading

I love the readings as well as the insight that I recieve from John.
John is professional, personable and is a good guide.
The combination of the Destiny/Astrological readings have assisted my personal life
as well as my business life and I am more than grateful. I highly recommend John Fabritsio and the Destiny Card Readings to everyone as a guide on your path in life!
I love my Destiny Card Reading it has helped me so much this year!
Sophia Brinkhout
        Riverside, California

I am looking forward to gifting others charts as birthday gifts for family and friends as

I know they will help those I love to see more clearly in their lives.

Thank you so much John I so appreciate your guidance!

   Tina Lane  

          Dayton, Ohio




I have been having Destiny Card Readings for years now with John for my company.

The readings are accurate and have assisted my business in many ways.

I am grateful, you're counseling has been super!

Thank you John, 

      Tim Thompson

               San Francisco, California




John has assisted me very much with Destiny card relationships reports. They have saved me a lot of time and money to see how many connections there are between me and the new woman I was dating and how compatible we would be in a long term relationship.

The good news is John was clear in directing me to one lady in particular as all the cards lined up and I am happy to say we are happily engaged now.

    Ron Allen       

         Los Angeles, California




 As a mother of three I was struggling and wanting a change in my career and after sending many resumes out I was offered 2 jobs at the same time. I was having difficulty deciding which one would be better for me and I was sharing with a good friend not knowing which one to pick and she shared with me John's number as he was highly recommended. John gave me great advice.  I am happy at my new job and I am making much better money!

I appreciate your good guidance John. 

        Leslie Taylor       

Wichita, Kansas 




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