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"Mission to Earth"

This is an adorable story of an angel child named
"Angel Heart"
that comes from Heaven to Earth to teach non-bullying, non-violence, peaceable communication with love, kindness
and respect for one another. 

We are committed to improving behaviors along with good deeds for children all over the planet. Please share this FB link with your family and friends as it is interactive with Angel Heart herself. Your children will feel loved, guided, supported and inspired to promote their good deeds as they will see new positive changes  for themselves, each other and the Planet!

This is the Angel Heart Way ~

Learn how to receive your Wings!!

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Changing The Pattern

We are all in this world together and it is so important to understand everyone is doing the best they can from the experiences they have had in their lives. We are not here to judge or make anyone feel bad. We know  unhealed pain and hurt can promote one to engage in unwanted behaviors. 

We understand that when one bullies another it is their inner hurt and pain that truly needs more love to heal the hurt within. 

Angel Heart is here to assist the children into
Changing this Pattern!


Angel Heart Children's 


Bring your children to a one day workshop to learn how to

 change unwanted patterns, 

beliefs, behaviors and to find their balance within. This is a workshop designed to assist young children into making conscious choices in their daily lives. The children will learn how to release upset, anger and stressful situations, build self esteem, connect to the love within to change any situation through the use of communication as a tool for life. 

Angel Heart Workshops Are Fun!

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