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Angel Heart Adventures "Mission to Earth"
This is the first book of the Trilogy of Angel Heart Adventures of an adorable "Angel" child named Angel Heart that has been gifted with magical love hearts Sprinkles and when sprinkled upon others they are reminded of the true love within them. Angel Heart comes for Heaven to Earth to teach non-bullying, non-violence, peaceable communication with, love, kindness, and respect for one another. (ages 6-12 ) $12.99 



Angel Heart Adventues" Into Paradise"
This is the 2nd book of the triolgy of Angel Heart Adventures "Into Paradise" Angel Heart runs out of her Love Heart Sprinkles and is given permission to come back to Heaven to gather more love hearts with a group of her new friends. The children are taken in there dream state and are able to experience the beauty of Heaven! (ages 6-12) $12.99



Angel Heart Adventures "Bringing Heaven to Earth"
This is the 3rd book of the trilogy "Bringing Heaven to Earth". The children have seen Heaven and love what they have witnessed and want to bring Heaven to Earth. They decide that this is their Mission on Earth to bring this consciousness of loving kindness to the Planet for a New World one that is filled with Peace, Goodness, Unity and Beauty. (12/1/16) $12.99

Coming 2022
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